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MEO (Map Engine Optimization)

Optimize your store's online presence with Local SEO to secure a prime spot atop Google Map search results

Perfect for targeting and engaging with customers in your local area

What is MEO? Why do you have to do MEO?

“MEO” stands for “Map Engine Optimization” or also popularly known as “Google Places Optimization” which is SEO for Google Map search results to be displayed in the top rankings on Google Maps. It is very beneficial to the business owners who have store branches or franchise business. When your customers search for a store, it will bring your store to be displayed at the top of the list in Google Maps. For example, if someone searches for: Japanese Restaurant, “Sign Maker”, “Fitness” ...

Example of Searching for a Store with Google or Google Map

If a customer searches for the store they want via Google or Google Map, the store in the customer's area will be displayed. It also shows an overview of the store, such as business hours, phone number, address, opening and closing times. If you do MEO, your store will be displayed at the top. There will be a much higher chance of increasing your customers and sales.

Difference between SEO and MEO

  • Local SEO brings your store to the top of Google Maps. There is a chance that customers will see it before the competitors' stores.

  • Local SEO is suitable for promoting and attract customers nearby your store location.

  • Nowadays, searching with Google Maps is very popular. Wherever you go, search with Google Maps.

  • It is one of the best marketing activity that will get the right target audience. The opportunity to sell is higher. It costs only a little compared to online advertisement.

  • Start doing it first and you can rank faster than doing it in the future when there are more competitors. Do it first, get stuck first, sell first.

  • Suitable for every business It is also a shortcut for small businesses to surpass large businesses in sales.

Local seo service fees

Price per keyword

  • TOP 10


    4,200 baht

    (1,400 baht/month)

    Google Map TOP 10

    Within 3 months

    Local SEO Audit Service

    Review with Stars

    Guarantee to be ranked

    Monthly Reports

    Google my business report

  • TOP 3


    10,500 baht

    (1,750 baht/month)

    Google Map TOP 3

    Within 6 months

    Local SEO Audit Service

    Review with Stars

    Guarantee to be ranked

    Monthly Reports

    Google my business report

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